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Jack Yu
International Sales Department
Dongguan Yomo Security Display Co., Ltd.
Qinsheng Industrial Park 103,,No.21 Pengyanxinan Road,Xiping,Nancheng ,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,China . ZIP Code:523000

Nancy Huang
Top Sales

Tel: +86-13192068501 ,+86 18925837253
YOMO, Professional Security Solution for Experiential Marketing

The trademarks of “YOMO" is legally registered and fully owned by Yomo Security Display Co., Ltd. based in Dongguan, China. So far we did not authorize any other company to use these trademarks either on the product or in the promotion literature. We’ll take legal actions to protect the trademarks of “YOMO” if any company  infringes them intentionally.

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